Kick off your shoes, pour yourself a little sumpthin’ sumpthin’ and curl up with the latest De’nesha Diamond novel. The alter-ego of romance novelist Adrianne Byrd, Diamond’s novels will take you a little further into the human struggle in the pursuit of the American Dream: to get to the top by all means necessary. Here is where I hope to share insider info and sneak peeks into future books. I would like to keep in contact with my readers so feel free to check in with my blog or join The Diamond Girls Bookclub.

The deadliest ride-or-die chicks of Memphis have a new rival. Meet the Cripettes. They're the realest of the real--raging war with both the Queen G's and the Flowers. But when all's said and done, only one gang can reign supreme...

The streets of the Dirty South have never been meaner as the ruthless women of warring hoods are just a few body bags away from total domination. Determined to rain bullets on Shotgun Row, lieutenant Lucifer teams ip with Profit, head gangsta of the Vice Lords and a man bent on revenge. Good girl gone bad Ta'Shara sets her sights on knocking her evil sister off the throne--but she's unprepared for what's ahead. Qiana's deal with the Devil to take ambitious Yolanda out of the picture plants her at the center of a manhunt that will jeopardize her own position. And as Queen G LeShelle's list of enemies multiples, the final knockout may come from the last person she expects. While the war zone expands, these gangsta divas take no prisoners for the chance to rule it all..


Gangsta Divas
December 24, 2012
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In De'nesha Diamond's explosive series, the fiercest ride-or-die chicks in Memphis are battling alongside—and against—their ruthless men, to be the last diva standing . . .

On these Dirty South streets, revenge is sweet opportunity. Now the women who help rule the hood are out to take ultimate control. Merciless lieutenant Lucifer drops as many bodies as she can to avenge a devastating shooting and consolidate her new power. Loyal gang member Essence discovers friendship has lethal limits when she falls for her best friend's man. Ever-ambitious Yolanda is angling hard to go from a king hustler's baby mama to his one and only. But Queen G LeShelle will betray any trust and take out any obstacle to make the game hers alone. And when these four women push their vendettas past the point of no return, it's a war only the most deadly diva will survive . . .

Street Divas
October 25, 2011
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