Kick off your shoes, pour yourself a little sumpthin’ sumpthin’ and curl up with the latest De’nesha Diamond novel. The alter-ego of romance novelist Adrianne Byrd, Diamond’s novels will take you a little further into the human struggle in the pursuit of the American Dream: to get to the top by all means necessary. Here is where I hope to share insider info and sneak peeks into future books. I would like to keep in contact with my readers so feel free to check in with my blog or join The Diamond Girls Bookclub.

The most lethal ride-or-die women in Memphis now run their gangs and the streets. But the aftermath of an all-out war means merciless new enemies, time-bomb secrets...and chance to take it all.

Bullets have no names and collateral damage is the game as the women of the Dirty South push to secure total control. Vice Lord chief Lucifer goes after the upstart Crippettes gang one by one--but locking down her power will put everything she lives to protect at risk. Ta'shara straps on her training wheels to prove she can ride with the best of the flowers--but does this good-girl-gone-bad really have what it takes to survive? And as Queen G LeShelle viciously body-drops to keep her bloody secrets buried, her husband Python may be the one person that can put her in check. Now these boss divas will go head-to-head for complete domination--because in the end only one can rule...



Boss Divas
August 26, 2014
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